L'obiettivo della cantina Bastianich è di assorbire la storia e la cultura della zona, creando vini unici che narrino del posto ma che, al tempo stesso, dimostrino di distinguersi per corposità, struttura ed equilibrio.

01 Planting

New Vineyards, replanted vineyards and the replacement of lost vines with vines specially selected for every site and soil. Many decisions must be made about the final wine before planting a single vine!

02 Vineyard Work

There are so many things to manage during the year: Pruning, grass cutting, treatments, managing vine growth and the canopy, cutting grass...

03 Vendemmia

Our team of 20 everyday folks work with us for almost 2 months selecting and hand-picking the fruits of the years work.

04 Selection

The first selection is always done by our harvesters in the field. Then at the wineru our sorting table is the place where we make sure only the best grapes get in our wines.

05 Vinification

The transformation of grape must is a delicate process where everything must go perfectly. There is no margin for error and our cellar staff and enologists meticulously follow every tank and every barrel every day of the fermentation.

06 Rest

Fermentations finish, tanks and barrels are topped off and the quiet time of year follows where the wines begin to mature...

07 Blending

Over time specific lots are blended into larger ones. Different wines are blended for Vespa and Calabrone, same grape varieties are blended for the monivarietal wines.

08 Bottling

The wines are ready for their new life in the bottle. Some will spend time resting there for a year or more, some wines are ready to drink right away. But all the wines are bottled wit the same care and attention.